How the fireplace grate works

The Firebox and Grate


The fireplace grate base is made from high strength steel to withstand the temperature ranges typically found in a home fireplace.

The firewood burning grate with the integrated coal catching screen keep plenty of air circulating under and around the fire for maximum usage of the firewood.

The lid


The specially designed fireplace grate lid is completely removed before lighting a new fire.

It's manufactured from the same high strength steel as the box and grate.

The New England Firebox fireplace grate is treated with a special high heat powder coating to retain its luster and appearance after repeated use.

Closing the lid


Closing the the fireplace grate lid is safe and simple.

While the firewood burns, the lid should be kept in a cool, out of the way place away from the fireplace.

When the wood has burned down and you're ready to retire, simply place the fitted lid securely onto the fireplace grate base.

What happens to the fire?


When you first place the lid on the fireplace grate , any combustion of the firewood coals or flames will quickly smother.

Heat and gas will still be coming from the smothered firewood and will continue to escape the box for 8 -10 minutes after closing the New England Firebox fireplace grate.

When is it safe?


After 10 minutes, the burning firewood will be out and will stop producing heat and gas.

When there is no visible smoke escaping the fireplace grate box, the coals will begin to cool.

It's now safe to close the fireplace flue damper with no more heat loss from your house escaping up the chimney and no worries of going to bed with an open fire burning all night.